Yes, yes, yes to happiness ! Feb 24, 2015

Hermana Carr and Hermana Manning

Starbucks instead of a meal !

Our Bishop who just got released....WE LOVE HIM !

Let me explain the subject of this email first. Hermana Carr and I have been LOVING the EFY CD lately, and she loves this song called Say Yes.. but anyway, I think it is a really annoying song. BUT it has been stuck in my head all week! Anyway, everyone should check out the new EFY CD, its awesome!
This week was so great! We had a really amazing conference. President talk us how to teach the Area Plan of Mexico and we had some really awesome spiritual practices.. and at the end we got to see MEET THE MORMONS! It was so cool! That movie is great.. I loved how it just showed how we are normal people and I am just amazing with how great the members of our church are! ♥bestchurchever The movie comes out here in Mexico on Friday, so we felt super special that we got to  see it early!
Also, I got my hand read! It was funny.. The man told me that I am going to live a long life, have a great memory, and that I can have 4 children, and the first one will be a strong healthy boy. We will see how correct he is :) 
We have been doing lots of divisions lately with girls that are having problems in their companionships, but it has been super fun! I have met so many girls who have taught me so much, they all are amazing. I was with Hermana Huff this week, and she went to Lone Peak. We were talking about things that happened before the mission and turns out that we probably had seen each other about 20 times before the mission. She is amazing, its funny how God helps us find some of our best friends in the strangest ways :) 
So our investigators are doing awesome! Victor is getting baptized this week! FINALLY. Also, Alicia is good. She freaked out when we told her there was a stake conference last week. We couldn't figure out why. She told us that her boyfriend would be there, and that he was Mormon, but he didn't know she was talking with us. She said that she didn't tell us because she has wanted this whole process to be her own decision and she wanted to recieve her own answers. It was really cool! But, the whole stake conference we had all of the missionaries acting like spies to make sure that her boyfriend didn't see her, haha it was so fun! She is getting baptized in a couple weeks. 
Suemi and her family are doing great, and Roel, and Belem, and all the new ones we found this week! We just feel so blessed to be in such an amazing area and awesome ward!
Here in Mexico they  are talking a lot about sacrifices.. and in the area plan basically everything is based on sacrifices. Sometimes our church can require lots of sacrifices, but honestly I have the most strong testimony that God blesses us with more blessings than we can even imagine when we sacrifice. This church has so many amazing blessings that aren't found anywhere else, so it is pretty obvious and logical that we are going to have to sacrifice. As a missionary it is a little bit easier to say, because we are focused on God all day and night, but I hope we can all think of one way that we can sacrifice each day. My companion has been an awesome example of that. She is always looking for ways to help people or become better. And honestly, she is one of the most happy people I know! I know that God knows us all and knows what we are capable of, and if we try to reach our potential, he will help us along the way. I love you all! Hope you have an amazing week!