Campeche ! Feb 16, 2015

My Valentines !! 

Campeche.....very hilly !

On the road with the STL's....

What an AWESOME week! This week we went to Campeche! It is just so beautiful there. It's right by the sea, and there are pure hills! It is just beautiful. I got to spend 2 days with my trainer! How fun is that? It had been about a year since we had taught together, and we got to go teach lessons and everything together. Haha, funny story. There was an investigator there who was OBSESSED with my hair. She was a hairstylist and said that she wasn't letting me leave until I let her help my hair (apparently its really dry) Anyway, I let her give me bangs. It was probably the most sketchy thing ever. But, my trainer is finishing the mission in 3 weeks, so it was crazy to see how much we have both grown!
Besides that, Victor's baptism got postponed. It couldn't be this week due to church activities, and this coming week is stake conference, so he won't be able to be confirmed, so he will be baptized the 28th! But he is SO excited! It makes me so happy!
We had a great day at church this week! Roel went, he is awesome! Alicia, Andres`friend went. She is so awesome and excited to learn more! Her and Ana get along GREAT, Suemi couldn't come, but all of her kids went besides one. One is in the hospital because he is VERY sick. Everyone please pray for him, we are really worried!
We still don't have a bishop..its a little strange! We miss him lots, but we are all working still! I just love this ward more than anything.. You know 'Ive been here a long time when most people actually start pronouncing my name really well :)
Sorry I don't have lots of time, but I love you all! Hope you have an incredible week! It was definitely different having Valentines here in the mission for the 2nd time. They focus more on friendship here rather than love, and I definitely thought about all the amazing friendships I have from you guys! Thanks for everything!