Jesucristo Te Ama ! Feb 9, 2015

This sign means "Jesus loves you" !!

My first time in a moto taxi !

Got FOUR packages today !!

Hey family! Wow, what a crazy fun busy week it was! Just to explain the subject, my companion and I were walking today, and there was this huge wall that says "jesucristo te ama" that means "Jesus loves you" I just love that things like that are normal here in Mexico. 
Wow, what a crazy week! On Tuesday we had a leadership council all day. We meet together and talk about the problems in the mission and then we all decide on things we need to do to make it better. President just kinda sits and lets us figure things out. It's called a council because he says "he wants it to be a war room" and he wants us all to give our opinions in order to find out God's will. He is pretty cool for letting us learn all of this. 
After the council I went to a different ward called Arboleda to work with the girls there. There are 2 companionships there so on Friday I went to work with the other companionship. It was really fun working with all of the girls! It's still weird being away from downtown, I've just been here my whole mission! Tomorrow we are going to another STATE for 3 days, CAMPECHE HERE WE COME! Everything here in Merida is Mayan themed, but everything in Campeche is pirate themed. I'm so excited! But I absolutely love getting to know the girls and learning from them and helping them!
My companion and I are getting along soooo well! We are hardly ever together because we go on splits, and then when we are in our area we try to do divisions with sisters from the ward in order to visit as many people as possible since we lose a lot of time. But the time we are together, we enjoy every single second :)
We had a really awesome zone conference this week. I got to talk about sacrifices. I talked for about 45 minutes, and the zone leaders had only given me 30 minutes, oops! Haha they were more than fine with it. I talked about Eagles. Eagles live up to 50 or 60 years, but when they are 30 years old they have a huge decision to make. Their beak grows really long and they can't open it to eat, and their claws grow too long to grab their food. What they do is they go to a cliff and they hit their beak against the wall until the end falls off, and after that they bite off their claws and feathers, in order to completely transform themselves. Its a super painful experience and it lasts about 5 months, but at the end they turn out to be better and stronger, and live a lot easier. We have to pass through the same thing. We are all here learning on Earth. Sometimes we get to a point where we are not progressing and we have to make the painful choice to transform ourselves to be better. But in the end, we turn out more like Christ and we live a much happier life.
Victor is doing awesome. He has his baptism this Saturday ! It should be awesome. The only thing is, this week they released our bishop and didn't call a new one, so I don't know how everything is gonna work out. We are all a little stressed!
Remember how I always talk about Andres Martin? Well, now we are teaching his cousin and his friend. His friend already accepted to be baptised and this week Andres took both of them to church! It is so awesome to see the fruits of missionary work! 
Well, I just want everyone to know that each and every day my testimony grows stronger of this awesome church. It is so true! As Hermana Carr and I always say, The church is true, the book is blue, and Jesus was a Mormon. Have an awesome week everyone!