I'm a murderer ! March 2, 2015

Victors Baptism !

We are all so happy for him !

What a blessing to go to the temple !

Most of our Zone !
Well, first things first... Hermana Carr and I are staying together!!! Yay! I am so dang excited!! I will be her companion until she is done from her mission, so in mission lingo, I'm killing her! We are so excited!!
What an awesome week! We absolutely love this ward, and the members are so amazing! This week a few times in the opening prayers for lessons or the prayers for the food, investigators and members have been like "I ask thee Father that Hermana Carr and Hermana Manning can stay together to keep coming to visit." We feel SO lucky to feel such love, and we just love these people right back!
Victor's baptism was AMAZING. He said it was a little hard to take out his tongue ring, but he just was glowing with happiness the whole day. He got to church way early and kept telling us that he was dying to bear his testimony but he was way too nervous. We are so proud of him!
Alicia is doing awesome. She was supposed to get baptized this week, but since we have had a few sisters that we have had to visit a few days this week to help them out in their area, we didn't have much time to teach her. She will be getting baptized next week so that we have time to teach her everything!
So the weather has been hard on me lately! It is suuuuuuuuuuper hot in the day and then in the night time it is so humid that it gets kinda cold. The weather is super bipolar and my sinuses aren't taking it well... haha I've been super sick! We sang at Victors baptism and I'm pretty sure I sounded like a man, but Hermana Carr sounded great as always!
Well, I am just loving life and every part of it! I can't even imagine my life without cockroaches, sweat, and a hammock! It just seems like a part of my life now and it's what makes me happy! I feel so lucky to be here.
We have been focusing a lot on the temple lately.. actually last week when we went to the temple the missioanries alone did 1,137 baptisms, 833 confirmations, 89 initiatories, and 108 sessions. It is just so amazing that we have the opportunity to help so many people for all eternity. Because honestly, baptism isn't the end, the temple isn't the end, the second coming won't even be the end, because God has no beginning or end. How cool is it that we can help Him with this never ending plan? One thing I have noticed is that we always pray to God so that he can be with us through the day, especially in our homes. We ask that almost daily. ALL that God asks of us is that we can visit his home 12 times a year. Not to mention that his house is the most amazing place on Earth. We are so lucky! I hope we can all take a trip to visit the Lord in His house soon. I hope you all have an amazing week! I LOVE YOU!