"Hermana Carr...for God, time doesn't even exist" March 10,2015

Alicia is doing AWESOME !

Angels Baseball in the Yucatan !!

William got his mission call !!! Mexico City West...

WOW! I cannot believe how fast time is going! People keep telling Hermana Carr and I that our time is super short that we have left. We just tell each other that time doesn't even exist for God to make us feel better.
But, what a week it has been! We have been working with Andres every day. He has been bringing us new investigators and accompanying us to lessons and everything. On Tuesday he turned 25 so we had a party with all of our investigators with him. It has been so amazing to see him go from completely inactive to  being one of the strongest members in the whole ward.
Alicia is doing AWESOME. She told her boyfriend that she is getting baptized, and he started jumping up and down and couldn't even believe it. We taught her in the waiting room of the temple this week. They were cleaning the temple so there was hardly anyone and it was very reverent.
Suemi and her family are finally really excited to get baptized! WE LOVE TEACHING THEM. It is so fun to go to her house and have her, her friend, her 3 kids, and her daughter in law there, plus us and members. we usually end up being like 12 people! The lessons are amazing! This week when Suemi went to church we showed her the baptismal font and she was just so happy. She was bawling all through sacrament and relief society. She is so amazing, the whole ward already loves her! We feel so lucky to have her and her family. We always say that we know that God sent us strait to her house because we needed to meet her. We can't even imagine life without her! We actually met her when we were looking for her neighbors house and accidentally knocked on her door.
William got his mission call this week! He leaves in 3 weeks and is going to Mexico City West! His family is preparing to get baptized in 2 weeks. What a great example of being an example to others in our family. 
I have just been so amazed recently with how much God has just guided us without us even knowing or realizing. Sometimes we just decide to walk down a different street, or talk to a random person, or go to a certain house, and we immediately find out exactly why it needed to happen. I  know that God knows us all so well and is preparing things for each and every one of us. I am so thankful for that and just want to share with everyone that He loves them. I hope each and every one of us can feel that love this week. AND, I love you all as well! Have an awesome week!