Hey, Wanna go run up a pyramid ? March 23, 2015

Let's run up the pyramids !

All of downtown Izamal is yellow !!

What a blessing to see him doing GREAT !

Reunited with Cristi !

I know I say this every week, but I just loved every second of life this week! It was so amazing! Life just keeps getting better and better. I also feel like time goes faster and faster every week!
We did an awesome division this week! I was able to go to Izamal with my daughter, Hermana Garcia. She is so amazing! I was so amazed at how much she has grown. It was also very fun going to Izamal,it is beautiful! I am super happy that I get to go visit pueblos for a few days, but I am very glad that I have been in the city my whole mission. Haha I am amazed at how people can live so simply! I met the most amazing humble people. It is so pretty in Izamal, it's a HUGE pueblo, and in the downtown of the pueblo, everything is yellow! There are also lots of ruins.. so in the morning we ran up pyramids instead of running hills :)
Our investigators are doing amazing! We feel so blessed to have all of these amazing people to visit! This week, Suemi and her daughters went to the relief society party and LOVED it! They even participated in a skit they made! Also, we have been teaching Suemis daughter's boyfriend.. It has been really hard because he didn't believe that God existed.. he would listen to us, but didn't ever pray or anything because he has other beliefs and his parents are strictly Jehovahs Witnesses. But, this week we went and he told us an awesome story! He said that one night he decided that he really wanted to know if it was all true. He was in his girlfriend's house and decided to pray and ask God to help him feel that He exists. He prayed and then opened the Book of Mormon and it fell to Mormon 9. Everyone go and read the caption, he read it and was bawling because he felt such a peace! He has been prayng every day since, and went to church this week with Suemi's WHOLE family! We feel so blessed to have them, and all of the miracles God is showing us are amazing!
Yesterday was AMAZING. We had a conference in the stake Itzimna on self sufficiency. The first person I saw when I walked in was IZMAEL! It was so awesome! During the whole devotional he was participating. I also got to see everyone from Itzimna! It made me so happy to see them all! I love them! I just feel so lucky to have met so many amazing people. I will forever be grateful! Well, I love you ALL! I hope you have a wonderful week!!