Sharing the Gift ! Dec 15, 2014

The primary after their program !

This is Aaron....and this cake is the reason I am fat !

Our activity in the park....we have amazing members !

People just came on their own.....

Share the Gift .....He is the gift !

Fishy lips forever !

Wow! What an amazing week. I can't even explain to everyone how amazing the Christmas season is during the mission. My parents always made Christmas an amazing experience at home, but there really is nothing like having all day to think about Christ during this time of year. I have felt him so close and have felt so much love from our Heavenly F'ather. 
So the 12th of December here is the day of the Virgin Guadalupe, and let me just say that living down town during that day was quite the experience! There are people that come all the way from Mexico City on their bikes to go to Mass at the cathedral here in Merida. People drive around and walk around with the virgin all day. and there are little kids that sing at your door step about  the virgin and you have to give them money. It's way different! I loved seeing it though. It's funny that every house here has a virgin and almost every nativity I have seen has been missing Jesus. It's so sad that not very many think of Him during Christmas season.
So, Aaron is doing great! He is so excited for his baptism. He has been going to these practices with us because he is going to sing a song with us in the Ward Christmas Party. Also, another investigador Adrain is going to play the guitar in the party too. We are excited!
So Naomi, Ana, Mirian, and Jesi are doing great! Ana gives out hymn books every week in sacrament without being asked, and this week after church she was inviting people on the bus to an activtiy that night. Jesi used to never talk, and this week in gospel principals she was giving every answer. Man, it makes me want to cry every time I see them!
We had an incredible activity this week. We put lights, a huge tv, speakers, and christmas music on at a park. All of the members went and were singing in a choir. there was a market in the park so the members would go to the market to invite people to join us to watch the videos "Thanks to him" "He is the Gift" and "The spirit of Christmas". We had lots of people come and got 27 references! It was so awesome! It was cool how there was really loud worldly music through the park and there we were  in the corner listening to things about Christ. The spirit was so strong, that people started to come over all by themselves! We had such success because of our awesome members, that now all the missionaries in the whole zone are coming to our area this week to do it again ! Man I am so excited. I am LOVING this Christmas season! I hope everyone can have an awesome week and take a second to watch the Church video. I love it so much! Honestly, I know that God loves us all so much and that is why He sent His son. Have an awesome week!