"I have never sweat so hard in December in my whole life" Hermana Montgomery 12/22/14

Merry Christmas to all of you !

From both of us !

Hermana Montgomery's birthday cake !

We had fun at the zoo !

Pres. and his wife at our amazing conference !

I found Hermana Carr at the conference !

Well, if any of you are wondering how my Christmas is going here in Mexico, the subject of this email will sum it up for you. REALLY HOT! Haha oh man, we have been listening to Christmas music in the morning before studies, and we just look outside at the blazing sun and the little kids running around without shirts on. It's pretty funny! It just doesn't feel right!
But honestly, I am having the most amazing Christmas ever. This was an awesome week. We have been contacting the 30 references we have from the activity we had a few weeks ago. The only thing is, they all tell us to come back after Christmas!! hahaha, oh well. I just know that in January we are going to be really busy!!
It was my companion´s birthday this week!!! whooo! We did divisions the day before with two sisters in the ward so I bought her a piñata and hid it in the house. Then I woke up in the middle of the night to put it on her desk! It was pretty fun! It was the first piñata we have ever broken.. the members made fun of us when we brought the stick out, because the real way to do it is with your hands?!? so crazy.. but way fun! 3 different members bought her cakes and she had a nice Pastor dinner.. yum! It was an awesome day!!
The ward Christmas party was great. The youth (6 out of 8 of them are converts) made a skit about how before coming to earth God told them that one of them was going to recieve the gospel and be called on a mission and have to find one of the other ones who wasn't going to be lucky enough to have the gospel in their life. Then they acted out how the missionary found that person and was able to get baptized! After that us 4 missionaries sang a song called "Te hallare mi querido amigo" with some members and Aaron and all of the youth. It was so cool to have Ana, Naomi, Mirian, Jesi, and Aaron singing with us about how we met before this life.. So powerful! We also sang a christmas hymn in Spanish and English. It was incredible.
We also had an awesome conference yesterday with the whole mission. President gave an AWESOME talk about how we need to be like Christ in every single way. How we need to think, talk, and act like him. It was incredible. I love him so much! We also had a lunch, a huge talent show, and we went out to all the parks downtown to contact and sing. it was so beautiful! I am loving this Christmas season! How lucky am I to share this gift with everyone here in Merida for a complete year and a half!? I feel so happy and lucky! I hope everyone else can enjoy this awesome happiness and spirit this Christmas. Have a great week! Love you all!