Service project....Pulling weeds !!

Got to go on a session ! Beautiful ......

Baptisms are the BEST !

WOW! I Can't believe I am an aunt! It was super weird having a bunch of people run up to me at church and say "Hermana Manning! Your sister and law had her baby this week! We saw it on Facebook!"I was so excited to see pictures of him. He is so beautiful! I am so excited to meet him one day. My mission President´s grand daughter was born the same day, kinda cool!
So this week was really awesome. It was a different week. We didn't have as much time to work actually, we had like 4 conferences, a baptism, and we went to the temple !
On Tuesday we went to the temple and it was so beautiful. We filled up 3 sessions. President and his wife were both in my session. It was so awesome feeling like a big family there. I couldn't help but bawl my eyes out thinking about how happy I am that Ana, Naomi, Ismael, Mirian, and everyone else will be a part of this eternal family. 
On Wednesday we had an awesome conference about "He is the Gift". We were able to learn more about how we should work with it. President had my companion and I practice contacting up on a stage in front of all of the missionaries... soooo scary! But then we all walked to the main plaza downtown and started singing in a choir and contacting people. It was so awesome, we were able to get about 500 references! 
Jesi´s baptism was so beautiful! Her brother got to baptize her.. he got baptized about 5 months ago! Such a cool experience. She was just smiling from the first moment we saw her. We love her so much. 
We got a really awesome new investigator this week. His name is Aaron. His cousin is a recent convert. Aaron is 18. He lives with his grandma because his parents are both out of work and there's not even anything to eat in his house. He looked really sad when we went to visit him, but at church on Sunday he didn't stop smiling. He accepted to be baptized the 27th of December
Also, Victor FINALLY told us he has felt an answer! He told us he has just been searching for some huge dream or vision that isn't going to come, and that he knows that what we share with him is true for the change he has seen in himself. His boss didn't want to give him Sundays off to go to work, so he is working triple the time as normal to be able to go on Sundays. SO COOL.
Well, I hope everyone has an awesome week! I love you all and I love this gospel. :)