Two decades later.....Nov 3, 2014

Me with my two daughters Hermana Falcon and Hermana Montgomery

Birthday Lunch !

Traditional Dia de los muertos food !

Jesi, one of our new investigators !

The Restoration !
Wow! I am so old! How crazy is that?!?! It has been an awesome birthday. The assistants to president made me stand on the stage in zone conference while everyone sang to me, and then Naomi and Ana bought me a cake! It has been a pretty awesome day.
Well, I can honestly say that I blink and the weeks pass by. I have no clue what is happening! This area is amazing. The members are such good friends of ours. We taught this one kid how to say "Ain't nobody got time fo dat" this week, and he memorized it and always says it to us! It's pretty funny. Also, WE GOT A NEW HOUSE! I am so happy! It is pretty big and really nice. Not as nice as the house I had with hot water and air conditioning, but it's nice. I have become such a baby with the cold. I get so freezing at night, and freezing doesn't even exist here!
Well, our investigators are doing awesome. We have 2 that were not sure if they wanted to keep listening to us or not. We got them together, with a few members and had a lesson about the Gospel. One of them is 15 and one is 23. The spirit was so strong and they both are preparing for baptism now. They are getting baptised the 22nd of this month! I am so excited for them. Jesi, the 15 year old, has an older brother that is a member. And Alex, the 23 year old, felt the spirit so strong that he bore his testimony on Sunday in sacrament and surprised everyone when he said "I don't have any doubt that the Book of Mormon is real and can help us in this life." It was pretty awesome. 
This week I was studying a little in 3rd nephi.... I love reading about when Christ came. It always talks about that when Christ wasn't with the people, they were praying. I realized that it is because everytime he prayed with them, something crazy spiritual happened, like Angels appearing or God sending them awesome signs. I have been focusing a lot on prayer this week. Honestly, we can all make our prayers, and should make our prayers, an awesome spiritual experience every day. How amazing is it that Heavenly Father is always there to hear us.. we are pretty blessed! Well I hope everyone has a good week, Love you all!