Dia de los Muertos October 27th, 2014

We LOVE this ward !

Lunch break at McDonalds !

ANA !!

This Bishop of ours !  We love him !

Hey everyone! Wow, what a great week! I AM STAYING IN MY AREA WITH MY COMPANION! I am so excited! We are so happy to have more time together in this awesome ward. Yesterday we were taking pictures with members and our mission leader said "here we are praying that they don't change you two, and you are asking for pictures and autographs." hahaha, it was pretty funny! We love this ward so much!
This week was really awesome. Our investigators are doing great. The Bishop's parents gave us an awesome reference of the family that lives next door to them and we have been visiting them. They are a couple who are about 40 years old. They have some bad habits but they are so excited to change. Also, remember how Gerardo had his weird answer from the virgin Mary last week? Well, this week we went with him and he told us that he had a better experience. That he was picturing himself getting baptized and that he felt the spirit SO strong. It was so cool! He is really excited.
This ward is growing SO much. Our first week there were 30 members in sacrament meeting and this week we had 120. And that is in a chapel that is farther away! We are so excited. It was the most beautiful sight this week seeing every chair filled up in the church, The even more beautiful thing is hearing how happy the members are. 
The people here don't celebrate Halloween really. They celebrate dia de los muertos. They put up tables with pictures of their loved ones that passed away and little memories of them, like what food they liked and what they liked to do. It's pretty cool! And of course there is yummy food they always eat on those days. It is the 31st, the 1st, and the 2nd.
We got a new house and we will be moving in soon. Until then, we are staying with Hermana Infante and Hermana Frost. Hermana Infante is sick of hearing us speak in English I think. She accidentally said a bad word in English this morning and we freaked out. The poor girl, she didn't even know what it meant ! Ah man, memories like that are never forgetable ! Well, I love you all so much ! I LOVE this church, and I LOVE being a missionary. I can't believe I'll be the big 20 next week! ah!