What are we going to do with all these converts ? 11/10/14

Some things never change.......

Touched a possum ....???

Happy Birthday Dad !

Got a Dr Pepper for a birthday gift...too bad I can't drink it !

First of all, I just want to say HAPPY BIRTHDAY to my cute dad! I love you so much dad. Also, what the, my best friend is getting married! Congrats Sade! 
What an awesome week. I love this ward. We heard the 2 best things a missionary could hear this week. We were in ward council, and the bishop just looked at our forms and the forms of the 2 other sisters and said "My only question is.. what are we going to do with all of the converts?" haha and then we were eating with a member in the week and she told us "I left for vacation for a few weeks, and I came back and didn't even recognize the whole ward! There were more new faces than old faces!" I feel so blessed to be in such a great ward and see the work of the Lord progress. The members here are such great examples of charity. They have so much love for the people around them, and so much faith, and for that we are all seeing so many miracles here!
Well, a family moved in a few weeks ago. Their son got baptized with Mirian, and the dad has been working in the remodeling of LDS churches for about 20 years but no one ever talked to him about the church until 4 months ago. He and his girlfriend still need to get married but we have been working with them a lot. Their son turned 8 a few weeks ago, and he kept saying he didn't want to get baptized because he didn't want to stop drinking coffee... an 8 year old!!! But we have been working with him and he finally decided to get baptized and he is getting baptized this week! This family is incredible. I love seeing them in church and picturing them as an eternal family. 
Alex and Jesi are doing pretty good. I feel awful because Jesi's mom treats her and her brother awful. She reminds me of the mom on Annie.. They have a lot of problems in that family but I know the gospel will help them!
Gerardo is so excited for his baptism and everything, but his family is still really against it! His aunt yelled at us this week and told us not to come back.. but we will see what happens. Everyone keep him in your prayers.
We are LOVING our new house! It is so nice! The mission leader one day this week decided to do some service and cut our lawn and everything, but he ended up breaking the water pipe and we don't have water.. haha it was pretty funny. He left a note that said "sisters, good news: I cleaned up your yard. The bad news: I broke your water pipe. Someone will fix it on Monday" Besides that, we are loving our house!
I was studying this week, and in the Bible in John 15:14 and 15 I found something I really like. I don't know how it is in English, but it says "vosotros sois mis amigos si haceis las cosas que yo os mando. ya no os llamare siervos, porque el siervo no sabe lo que hace su seƱor, pero os he llamado amigos, porque todas las cosas que oi de mi padre os las he dado a conocer." It is saying how Jesus is not going to call us his servants, because servants don't know everything about what their master does. But friends tell everything. So Jesus is going to call us his friends. There is a quote that I like by Robert D. Hales that says "friends are people that make it easier to live the gospel." I love this! Jesus is our ultimate best friend, and we can be best friends to others by making it easier to live the gospel. The best way, is sharing it! Let's all be good friends. I love you all. Have a good week!