Edwin's baptism.....11/17/14

Yes ,we might have played in this playground !!

Edwin's Baptism Day !

A member took us to this cemetary....crazy !

Edwin with all the missionaries he has ever met !

Man, what a great week! Sorry, this might be a little short! So we had some really awesome things this week and some really hard things. We got our water back! Yay! And then we forgot to pay the water bill.. so we didn't have it for a few more days..haha :) 
Edwin got baptised this week! It was the cutest thing ever. He got in the water and he was just smiling huge at everyone. He looked so excited! It is always so amazing to feel the pure innocent spirit from a little child, they are just so near to Christ!  
We finally talked to Gerardo! He is still so excited. He is trying to help his family economically right now. And his mom, who used to hate us, LOVES us now! She asked why we hadn't been over in so long and she even sat and listened to us for a while. He started bawling before we left, and said he had never found more love or motivation than what he has felt from the members of the church. He said he had never felt such real happiness like the happiness he feels when he feels the spirit. I am so excited for him!
Also, we have an investigator named Victor. When we first met him, he didn't even believe in God. Now, he is reading in his Book of Mormon a ton and is praying every night! He even asked for Sundays off at work so he can go to church. We love him so much.
Our mission leader went and gave his neighbor a Book of Mormon the other day. We decided to walk by and try and contact her. She was outside, READING IN HER BOOK OF MORMON. When we talked to her, she said that she was just starting and only on page 90.. WOW! We are so excited to talk to her!
The bad news, Alex dropped us this week. He told us that he felt like he needed to stay in the Catholic church and he doesn't want anything. He had gone to Mass and told everyone he was going to get baptized and be Mormon. Everyone was so surprised because he even gave his testimony in fast and testimony meeting. But hey, we hope one day that he can change his mind, and we are still glad to have such a great friend like him!
Well, I hope everyone has an awesome week. I love you all so much!:)