Finding Friends from Heaven....Nov 24, 2014

My favorite treat, Marquecitas !

Playing with fish !

Me with the Bishop's son.....
Baptisms !!

Another great week! We had a lot of funny stuff happen this week. The Jehovahs Witnesses are always passing by
 on Sunday but never pass by our house. This week they passed by and invited us to church! It was pretty funny! 
Jesi is doing really well! She is getting baptized next week. She has been going to seminary every day and she is reading and praying! It is so crazy because the first time we went to her house she didn't even want to talk to us. 
We sang in the other sisters ward for their baptism.. it was a really awesome experience. The song talks about how we had friends in the pre-existence that we promised we would find here and teach them the gospel. I just saw Naomi and Ana and Mirian while we were singing and couldn't help but start bawling. It was pretty awesome! 
We found some pretty awesome investigators this week. One of them is named Adrian. He is really sick and is passing through a lot of hard times. He is only 30, but so ready to hear the gospel. He plays the guitar really beautifully and is going to help us in a Christmas program that we are putting together with the members. We are so excited! Well, I can't believe this week I completed one year in the mission! It is passing by way too fast! I am so happy that I will be with an American this Thanksgiving, because it doesn't exist here, but we will make sure to be feasting on something on Thanksgiving ! I love you all! Have an awesome week