Conference ! October 6, 2014

Watching Conference !

They will be great missionaries !!

Our Zone !

Our house and street !

Visiting Hermana Frost in the Hosptial (love the double jointed thumbs up !)
Wow, how amazing was conference? I loved it so much! It is always so sad for me when conference is over, I feel like Christmas is over or something! We got to watch the 2 Saturday sessions in English, it was pretty amazing! My favorite talk was the one on Saturday by the 70 who is from Holland. He spoke so directly and I loved it so much!
Well, we had some pretty awesome moments with Naomi and Ana this week. They are both just so excited for their missions, and it is all they can talk about! Ana's parents get mad at her because she spends all of her time reading in the Book of Mormon instead of doing her homework. I love them both so much. Ana's little sister is doing awesome. They have both had to work so hard to change so many things in their lives. They all went to all of the conferences!
Jessica also went to the conference. She is 17 and is from a less active family. She is the only one going to church right now and I am really happy for her. She is so excited!
Gerardo was doing so well this week! He loves church and loves the activities and is even really good friends with some of the youth, but his mom is very VERY catholic and is very worried. He only lives with her so he is struggling because he wants her support. Everyone keep him in your prayers please!!:)
Well today our zone leader Elder Peterson shared a video with us. It was of this football player who had to do 50 yards of bear crawls with a teammate on his back. His coach was helping him by motivating him the whole time. He was struggling so bad, and when his body finally gave out, he sat there crying saying "I know I didn't do the 50 yards."His coach told him to look up, because he was in the endzone and had passed the whole 100 yards. I know that this is how we are in our lives. Sometimes we feel like we can't do everything that God has asked of us, But he is ALWAYS there helping us, and doing everything that we can't. We just have to give it our all. I have been able to feel his help so much in this time during my life and I know he is helping every single one of you. I hope everyone can feel of this love this week. Have an awesome week, I love you all!:)