Naomi ! September 29, 2014

Naomi's little sister can't wait to get baptised !

Naomi and our ward mission leader !

Naomi and the Hermanas !

What an awesome week! I can't believe another week has passed by!
NAOMI GOT BAPTIZED THIS WEEK! We had a really awesome lesson the day before. We were sitting there in Naomi's house teaching her with Ana (the girl who got baptised 3 weeks ago) and I totally bawled. After the lesson they were saying how much they love the church. They said that when they don't want to think about school or their families or something, they just think about church. Naomi's baptism was awesome and so spiritual. Her grandma and her 2 sisters went, and she was so happy and just glowing with the spirit! She bore her testimony after and said how excited she was to go on a mission one day. She started crying after the baptism when she hugged the mission leader. She said he had been like a dad to her, since she doesn't have one. He was bawling too, well we all were bawling! It is so amazing to see the gospel change someones life so much! Wow, I love her so much!
We found a really awesome investigator this week. His name is Gerardo. He works with members and has heard so much about the church. He said that he loves what he has heard. He went to church yesterday, and he is going to get baptized on the 25th! He is so great. He doesn't have a dad, he just lives with his mom and his older brother. Gerardo is 17. 
Ana´s little sister is so great!  She was telling us all about how she used to smoke and drink and she had a boyfriend who is way older than her and how she just wants to change her life completely! I was amazed- she is only 14 years old but she seems like she is 20! She is doing really well, and Ana is helping her a lot. She is getting baptized on the 18th!
I am LOVING this area! My companion and I get along so well! It's like I found one of my best friends here in Mexico! The bishop did the same thing to her this week that he did to me last week. She spoke in Sacrament by surprise. But she did SO WELL. I was so proud ! She brought the spirit so strong and everyone was crying because of her sincere, simple testimony. She was awesome. Well, it is starting to get colder here ! It's moved down to being like 100 degrees instead of 115. :) hahaha! The rain helps too! 
Well, I hope everyone has a good week! Love you all!