Another Week ! October 13th, 2014

Still proud to be an American !

Love these kids !

3 second selfie in front of a gold wall !

Waiting to meet a member at the park !

Got cold in an air conditioned building....borrowed a jacket from an Elder !

Well,  I heard the Angels are out! How sad.. but I DID have a great week! My companion and I are pretty much best of friends. We have been dying of heat, but what else is new? haha. October is when it is supposed to get a little more cold, but this week has been ridiculously hot! 
Ana and Naomi went with us to visit Gerardo this week. He feels a lot better. We also went and talked with his mom. Naomi was quoting the Book of Mormon and teaching like a missionary.  I was very proud. The bishop said he had an interview with her and that he asked her if she had a testimony about the restoration, and that she taught him the whole restoration.
Jessica is doing great. She told us this week that she hopes by getting baptized that her family will start going back to church again. I am so amazed by the strength of the youth here and how much they help their families.
Gerardo is doing a little better. We went with an old investigator this week, the elders had to drop him before because he was working so much. His name is Victor and he is 20. He isn't working in his old Job anymore so now he has more time. He is totally prepared to have the gospel in his life. He has read a bunch of the Book of Mormon and loves the church. I hope everything goes well with him! He told us "I felt a lot better before when the elders would come. I don't feel as comfortable with sisters." haha... it made us laugh. 
I SAW HERMANA CARR YESTERDAY AT A CONFERENCE, It was amazing! We just about died! 
I totally get the chills at the end of our meeting every monday. Where else can you find 30 young people kneeling down together begging God to help people that they are teaching? I love the missionary life so much! I hope everyone has an awesome week! I love you so much!