Viva Mexico ! September 15th, 2014

Some of these great missionaries went home this week....Meg loved this zone !!
Fish faced Hermanas !

The cutest little boy at church !

Look what I found at Walmart !

Our mission leader cut this from the newspaper....he thinks I'm pretty good at ping-pong !

Last day with Elder Fonseca.....He was a great leader !

Hi Everyone! Happy Mexican Independence Day! I hope that everyone has had an awesome week! We sure did!
Today we had changes. My companion and I are staying here, and they sent two more sister missionaries. One of the hermanas is from Columbia and is soooooo cute, and the other one is from Arizona! The two elders left, one went to his house because he finished, and another one went to another area in our zone!
The week went really well! Ana is so excited still, she wants to come with us to visit everyone, and she has been talking more and more with her little sister and we have a lesson with them both tomorrow!
Naomi is AWESOME. We went to visit her this week and she told us "last week I heard Ana's testimony in church and I heard something about not drinking coffee or tea. So I haven´t been doing it,,, But I'm a little confused!" Hahaha. It was so crazy to me how ready she is to follow the commandments without even knowing why. But we were able to teach her more commandments this week and she is doing aweeeeeesome. Her baptism is going to be the 25th.
There was a lady in my old area named Hermana MIranda. She would always go on visits with us and she liked us a lot. She would even introduce us to her WHOLE family. It turns out that this week we went to visit a less active, and it was Hermana Miranda's son in law. They remembered me from Hermana Miranda's house. We are teaching the whole family! The husband is an inactive member, and his wife and two daughters aren't members. They are so awesome. We gave his daughter a Book of Mormon, and she put her name in it right away and was excited to start reading it.
Karla and her family are doing good, and we have found a bunch of new investigators this week! I really hope they can all feel the spirit and want to know more!
We are working a lot with the members. They are all really excited about missionary work and want to go on visits with us! This week in sacrament, half way through, a deacon came up to me and was like "the bishop says that you will be giving the last talk today." Hahaa so I had abuot 5 minutes to prepare. Luckily, Elder De Hoyos came to talk with missionaries and talked about D&C 138. I pretty much just talked about that and talked about the importance of missionary work! Haha it was kinda scary but a fun experience!
Well, sorry I don't have TONS to say this week, but it was a really good week! Everyone was freaking out about my hair, and thought there were changes! I LOVE my companion. I love being able to crack jokes that only Americans would understand. I LOVE this area and most importantly I LOVE being a missionary! 
Something that Elder De Hoyos told us about section 138, is that the whole reason that Joseph F. Smith recieved this revelation is because he was pondering about Christ's Atonement. This church is run by revelation, and we can all recieve it. I hope everyone can take a few minutes this week to think about how extremely lucky we are for the sacrifice that Jesus gave us, and I know that if we are wanting to receive revelation of what God wants us to know, that we will be able to. I love our Savior Jesus Christ and I know that the Atonement is real. I hope everyone has a great week! Que Dios les bendiga :)