They say the mission changes people.....9/9/14

Do I look a little more Mexican ??

Saw Ishmael downtown....He got the priesthood !

Ana was Baptized and Confirmed with the Holy Ghost !

Well, Surprise! I'm not blonde anymore! This week has literally been the craziest, most spiritual, stressful, week of my whole mission! I'm gonna tell a few cool experiences.
When Ana had her interview on Friday, she was so excited. Elder Fonseca told her she was going to be able to get baptized, and she asked "so can I scream now?" he was like"yeahh....." and she ran up to me screaming and gave me a huge hug and said "I'M GETTING BAPTIZED!" I almost bawled my eyes out because it was one of the most cool things I have ever seen. 5 Minutes later we were walking to an appointment and we got a text from this guy who we have only taught once and it said "Hermanas, I want you to know I have been praying, and last night when I prayed I felt something very special when I asked about the Book of Mormon." We were sooooo stoked and we were feeling the spirit so strong. We went and visited this lady we met a few weeks ago. She is an English teacher so we were able to teach about baptism in English. My companion was feeling the spirit so strong and I was too. It was pretty cool. We invited her to get baptized, and at first she said no because her mom is so catholic and it would be too hard for her. But when she said the closing prayer, she started crying and told us that she felt so strongly that she was closer to God than she has ever been. Now we are teaching her, her husband, and her 2 kids. They are incredible.
Ana gave her testimony in church on Sunday and it was THE MOST INCREDIBLE THING I have ever heard! She talked about her whole experience with the gospel and at the end she said "yesterday i saw this card that a boy made for his girlfriend and I thought... why don't we do things like this for our Savior?" she pulled out this HUGE sign that said "this is how i fell in love with the word of God" with 5 hearts. The first heart was empty, without color, and by the 5th heart, it was totlly full of color. she is incredible! She called us today because she is having her first family night tonight :)
Well, I hope everyone has an awesome awesome week! I love you all. I can literally say, just like Ana, I have fallen in love with the word of God. :)