Water, water, water !!! July 28,2014

Good friend- Hermana Carr

This funny sign says "If you want to talk about religion and you're not catholic, don't touch the doorbell " 

Lovin' the rain !

First thing I do when we get in the apartment is sit under the air for 5 minutes !
Wowwww! What a week! It is still raining so ridiculously hard. One day this week it was pouring rain so we ran to teach a lesson to this less active, but the house wasn't much help because there was no roof :) hahaha so we have gotten soaked a bunch of times this week! It's actually pretty cool. 
Also, Ismael got baptised! He read the whole book Miracle of Forgiveness this week. We went to the offices to have his interview, and there were about 20 missionaries there. We asked him if he wanted to read a liahona or something, and he just told us "no, I'm fine just watching you guys, I've never seen so many happy people in one place before in my whole life. It's pretty amazing" it was a really cool moment for me. At the end of his interview, the president invited us in and they shared the goals they had set with us. Ismael decided that he wants to prepare for a mission. His baptism was SO amazing. He shared his testimony at the end and said "I know I don't know everything, and I have a lot to learn, but I just know that what the sisters has taught me is true, I know it even more right now because I can feel the Holy Ghost telling me. I am going to keep my promise with my Father in Heaven and stay in a good path. I know I have to do it for my family." I was soooo amazed. It is crazy the change we have been able to see in him!
His little brother and sister came to his baptism too. His brother has been coming to church. He wants to prepare to be a missionary too, but the only problem is that his mom is never in his house and so we don't have permission to teach him. He is only 16. Sometimes I hate the rules :)
Hahaha, I have a funny story. I was trying to get a spider out of the baptismal font before the baptism, and I totally slipped and fell all the way in the font. It was pretty embarrassing. It's the first moment that I've been so grateful for how hot the sun is, because I dried off pretty fast :).   When the leaders called us that night they asked us "so how did things go in the baptism?" I told them good and they said "no sister, YOUR baptism. We heard you got baptised today too !" hahahahaha it was pretty great! 
Well it was an awesome week, just like every week is when you are working for the Lord. I love you all so much and I love reading what is going on in all of your lives! Keep me in your prayers and I will keep praying for you. I love you all :)