First Sickness ! July 21, 2014

When the sky looks like out, here comes a storm !

My Spanish and Mayan Books of Mormon !

Kind of Creepy looking house.....

Trying to study while sick, and my comp just brought me a pillow and blanket !
Hey everyone! How was the week? I hope everyone had a great week. Mine was pretty awesome and interesting. I got sick for the very first time. We ate something with a lot of grease and it made my companion and I both sick. But, they gave us a bunch of medicine and we got over it ! Also, I got a really good blessing. I am so amazed by the preisthood this week. I gained a testimony that it is seriously the strongest power on the Earth..
Our investigators are all still doing really well! Abigail, Cristians wife, before this week was really really closed off. But, after she went to church she was super excited to talk to us and tell us how she felt. She loved church ! It made us so happy. 
Ismael is great. We have been going to visit him this week and read the Miracle of Forgiveness, and it has been awesome seeing the change in him. I'm super excited for his baptism this week. 
So I know everyone likes hearing funny stories. This week I was trying to tell the bishop that his wife makes really good cochinita (its a really good plate here) but instead i called his wife a cochinita, which is a pig !  hahahaha. It was at a ward meeting too so everyone heard it !
I can't believe this week is the 24th of July.... A year ago I was waiting for my mission call to come so that I would know where I would be seving the Lord. And now it's a year later and I see it a little differently. I don't look at this place as the place where I am serving the Lord, but the place where the  Lord has taught me everything and blessed me with so many great experiences and opportunities to meet some of his children and help him to help a few. I love this place and I've never been happier ! The last year has been a success... let's hope for  another good one to come !