Bring on the Rain ! July 14, 2014

The new and improved rain gear !

Don't worry, you can see our nametags !

Big houses along Paseo Montejo

Its been a pretty rainy week here again! It's pretty crazy. You will be burning hot and you will just see a rain storm coming and start raining. The weather really messes with your throat though. Everyone has a cold. Because it will be burning hot and then out of no where you are breathing cool air, it's pretty refreshing :)

So, I finished the Book of Mormon in Spanish.. and now, I'm gonna start again, IN MAYAN! I am starting to study my Mayan. A lot of the missionaries here have spoken it, and if you go to a pueblo you almost have to speak it! Everyone here knows Mayan. I'm pretty excited about it.
Hahaha something pretty funny happened last night. we had a HUGE spider in our house and we finally killed it. I guess during the night I got out of my hammock and started flinging it around and screaming in my sleep. My companion thinks I'm crazy. but really I'm just paranoid that I am going to have bugs in my hammock.

Well , Ismael didn't get baptized.. it turns out he has some things that he has to take care of and he is going to get baptized in 2 weeks. But he is doing really well and LOVING the gospel!
Cristian and Abigail are doing awesome. They are LOVING church. Their little girl steals my heart!  I will try to get a picture with her this week. They are reading and praying and excited for a baptism. The only thing is, they need to get married, and Cristian still needs to get divorced from his 1st wife... but they are coming along!

We had a really great activity with the ward last night. We all met together at the Bishops house and we made teams of 2 people. My companion and I split up. We gave everyone names of less actives, recent converts, or investigators and we all went out visiting for 2 hours! After, we met back up with the ward. It made me so happy, when we met backup, everyone else was so worried about the people they visited. At least 10 sisters said.. we really need to start doing visiting teaching! Other people said we should go visiting every week! I can't even explain how important it is to visit people and worry about other people. First of all, it makes us feel good! Second of all, they ALL have needs! That's what makes this church so great, all the love we show towards everyone! I hope everyone can go and visit a friend or someone who is in need this week. We are luckyto have the opportunity! I love you all, have a great week!