Super Baptism ! June 9, 2014

Gotta do something while waiting for the bus !

House Hunting !

Super Baptism !!

Teaching YW/YM !
Wow, what a crazy week! They are going to divide the area FINALLY in two weeks, so the secretaries were calling me all week and we were figuring out how they are going to do it! Also, my companion and i had to go house hunting for a house on the other side of the area. I never thought the first time i went house hunting would be with a mexican girl :) I always thought it would be with my husband! hahaha.
As far as the investigators go, we found a bunch this week again! Angel, Aarons step dad, is still doing really well! They trust us so much and they tell us everything, all of their tests that satan is sending them, and how they feel about everything! We had a ton of appointments fall through this week, and that was a little rough, but there were so many great things that helped me through this week! My companion is SO AMAZING. We seriously are the best of friends! In my letter to president last week, i begged him not to transfer us, and he told me, okay sister, I can keep you there! So I'm hoping for another tranfer here in Itzimna!
The mission president and his wife are so cute. Today we had a conference with three zones. they always say, I am so lucky to have met my favorite comp├ínion in the mission, and we won't ever have special changes! hahaha The President always tells us that he wants us to focus, but that after the mission he wants us all to get married. Super weird. but anyway, The President, his assistants, and his wife  have been spending weeks at a time in different stakes, and at the end of the week they have a big mass baptism. Its been super effective. Our stake is this week! :) I am so excited! My companion and I have a lot of faith that God is going to be helping us a lot this week!
Also, the 22nd we have an AWESOME activity planned. Us and the 2 other wards in our chapel planned a mission activity. We have this AWESOME slideshow of the Life of Christ, and the stake choir has a performace that goes a long with the slideshow. We are going to invite all the members and all of our investigators and it will be awesome.
We get to go to the temple with our converts on the 20th! I am so excited! Yendi and Carlos and Aaron are doing awesome. Yendi sent the missionaries to her little brothers house. He is in our stake and the zone leaders are teaching him. Carlos called me this week complaining because he just loves being in the chapel and there wasn't an activity this week!
We have an investigator who wants to get baptized really bad but says she is scared of water.. her name is yolanda. We found out this week that really it is because her husband doesn't believe in God. We are working with her a lot to help her! Also, there is a lady who was going to get baptized with her whole family a year ago, but then her husband went a little wild, and she is pretty sad about it! She knows that our church is true, she is just a little scared. We are going to be focused on them this week!
Well, if there is anything I have learned this week, it is that this gospel makes me so happy! It was a rough week, but i didn't feel sad once because God helped me through every challenge! When we think about other people and try to help them, we feel so much better. EVERY single person has a whole world of problems, and EVERYONE needs love. EVERYONE needs the church! I love you all! Have a good week!