Strong winds give trees strong roots June 16, 2014

One of my favorite sassy ladies !

Hermana Carr and Hermana Manning

Relaxing in the hammock after a long day !

Man, this week was sooooo hard! I am sitting here freaking out because this computer is sooo slow, but then a One Direction song came on and i got over it.. not that i was listening :)
Man, we had 3 people this week that we focused on! We went with them every day. We went with Yolanda, and she told us that she knew that the church was true and she wants to join, but we went the next day to her house and her husband told us that he isn't going to allow it, and that he is her only worry and she shouldn't have any other things to worry about in her life. I called our district leader bawling because I felt so bad for her, and he told me that there was nothing we could do. I have never felt so much sadness in my whole life. also, Reyna was going to get baptised this week, and she backed out at the last minute, and we saw her drinking coffee. It killed me! The zone leaders came to our area to help us one day this week for the super baptism. It was pouring rain and we didn't have umbrellas, but we walked like 3 miles in the POURING rain. It was awesome! One lady wouldn't let us in her house, so we just sang Love One Another outside of her house, and one lady was so surprised that we would walk forever in the rain to see her. Her name is Erin, and I am hoping she will get baptised in the next few weeks! We took a picture with the Elders, I'll have to get the picture from one of them!
The good news is, this week we are going to the temple with Carlos to do baptisms! Also, Aarons step dad is getting married and baptised this week! whooo! Transfers are next week.. I am so nervous! 
Today we were eating in a little cafe, with a few other american sisters, and the owner of the cafe came up to us and asked us what church we were from and how him and his wife could become apart of it. I told him, You just need to listen to us and them get baptized! He said.. okay, make sure you send some of you guys to my house! Hahaha, honestly, I know that when people see us they can see the true happiness that we have from the gospel, it is something we should never hide! I love you all! Don't hide it!