Starting to think I might live here forever ! June 23, 2014

We found a house for the Elders !

Some favorite Hermanas at the Temple !

We love Tacos !!

My 'mom' and my 'daughter'.....
No one listens during World Cup games !!

Hey everyone! Well, They didn't change me! Its super crazy to me that I am going to be half way done with my mission and have only 1 area! hahaha, but how great right? I am SO happy I am with my companion, and that I didn't have to say bye to everyone! They did divide our area however. They sent two Elders here. Elder Hall is going to train someone and the 4 of us will be in the same ward. Elder Hall is from Arizona and he's super cool. He was the last elder here before they closed our area last year.. so he already knows the members and they are so excited to have him. He started his mission here just like me, so he is stoked to be back.
So, Aarons step dad didn't get baptized! He didn't have one of the papers that he needed to get married when they went, so now they have to wait another week and a half! He is doing really well though. The only thing is, they live in the Elder's part of the area.. so they will be the ones working the baptism and everything.. oh well! I'm super happy that I will at least be here to see it. I love that family so much!
We got to go to the temple this week with a convert from our ward to do baptisms! A ton of misionaries went and it was super cool! I will make sure to send pictures.
We met this guy this week who came up to us on the street and started talking to us. He said that his sons were members of the church and were missionaries. We talked to him a while and invited him to church and to get baptised and he was super excited. We met his sons this week too at a stake activity and they laughed when we told them. On Sunday when he came to church, his son walked by the chapel and when he saw his dad he looked like he saw a ghost. He ran to go find his brother to tell him. It was super funny. They came and talked to him after sacrament and said "hello brother, hows it going?" It was a cool experience because i could tell how excited they were to see their dad there. The only thing is, he lives in the other part of the ward too. :) oh well!
Well, this week should be really good! We are super excited to have 4 people in this ward and we can't wait to get to work! Everyone take care at home, sure love you!