Cinco de Mayo ???? May 5th, 2014

No pictures from Hermana I added a few from the last little bit !

Just a throwback from right before Hermana Manning left....her good friends Sandy and Sadie !

Mom's collage.....

Sunny face......

Kids camp counselor last summer......

Hey everyone! Hows life at home? Hahaha its kind of crazy.. 5 de Mayo isn´t anything here. They don´t even celebrate. Hahaha! But, the big independance day is16 of September.
So this week was a little sad. Ross randonmly left to Chitchen Itza. So he cancelled on us! We are really sad. He doesn´t have a cell phone, but he is coming back tomorrow so we are going to visit him and see what happened. It was really weird for us!
There were lots of great things though. C´s kids AND HER HUSBAND came to church yesterday! Her youngest boy, who is 4 always runs up to me when he sees me and screams HERMANA MANNING! Haha it makes me laugh that he has learned my name and there are still tons of members that dont know how to say it. But, it went really well. Her kids also came to an activity in the ward with us for the Primary for el dia del niƱo! It was great. In Sunday school we talked about faith, and right when the lesson was about oover, one of the members asked the question ¨"and what if there is an alchoholic who has a lot of faith, but a really stong addiction? What can he do?" It was soooo crazy for us. The whole ward started throwing out ideas. It was super inspired for C´s husband. We haven´t talked to him much since then, but we really hope that he doesn´t think that we told the whole ward he is alchoholic. It was really crazy though. I love their family,. they are awesome!
We are teaching a boy who is 9, and his mom is less active. She is living with a guy who isn´t a member, and this week we had a really special spiritual lesson with them! They told us how much they want to be an eternal family. We put a lot of goals for them, and we are planning on the Man getting baptized so that he can baptize the little boy. It´s going to be so awesome! The 3 of them came to church on Sunday and they looked so happy. 
Wellllll, I hope everyone has a great week!
Everyone make sure to tell my older brother how great he is on his birthday on Wednesday, man I wish i could be with him! AND, everyone give my mom a huge hug and kiss on Sunday! I AM SO EXCITED TO SEE YOUR FACES ON SUNDAY! I love you all!