Una semana mas de vida ! March 10, 2014

We had a trip to Walmart....Got peanut butter !

That Sky Tho.....

We still have Christmas Decorations up !!?

Tree of Life.....

Love you all !

How I sleep !  
Wow! another great week here in Itzimna! on Monday, we had a family night in an investigators house. 20 members came. considering that we only have 50 active members, it was awesome! We also have 9 new investigators from this week! My favorite one is named Mario. He is this old man who can't read and never wears a shirt but he is very sweet. He is dirt poor and his wife left him 3 years ago. But we go and read him the Book of Mormon. We were also blessed with a girl named Romi. She is so great and has an awesome spirit! She has the cutest nephew,and when we teach her he is always screaming, until we finish the prayer and then he is totally calm. so thats pretty cool, right?:)
the streets here are so pretty! there are tons of trees. lemon trees, lime trees, orange trees, grapefruit, and tons of fruit that i dont know! there are noni trees everywhere. I love drinking noni! it helps my stomach!
All of the investigators say this after every lesson..
Us: "see ya in church on suday?"
Them: "si dios quiere!" (if god wants)
I always want to say, TRUST ME God WANTS you to go to church! ahh but oh well!
Also, one of the little kids we taught is being baptized on Thursday. we are so excited. We were filling out his papers and his mom was giving us his information. she and him told us that he was 9 when we started teaching him, but when she gave us his birthday it turns out he's not 9 for 2 more months! So it turns out he didn't need all of the lessons or any of that. But I'm glad we were able to teach him!
I love the people here so much! My favorite thing is when the members speak to me in english and ask me to help them with their homework :) they always ask me what the lyrics to imagine dragons and one direction mean, too.