The Lord's Hand in My life.... 3/17/14

Slashed my finger while cutting Mango.....:)

Sister from Spain...Nathan served in her home town and baptised her friend Orlando

Pan Dulce is the best !!
Wow, what a week! So many good things happened this week! Remember our really stuborn investigator marta? Well, we fasted that she could have a strong testimony of the Book of Mormon. and guess what? This week she had some sort of dream and it was an answer to her prayers because she believes! She didnt really like us that much before, but now she is baking us stuff and loves us!
Also, we fasted and we wrote on a white board in our house that Mary Carmen could have a marriage by the 15th. funny thing, we called her on the 15th to remind her about church and she said she couldnt go because she was at a wedding in cancun. i guess we should be more specific when we fast :)
Mario is awesome. He wants to go to church but he is scared because he doesnt have money or any clothes or anything and doesnt want to be judged. This week we decided that since members always give us TONS of foood we gave him a bunch of our food. He was so happy because he told us he is literally dying of hunger. man, it was greeat!
I can seriously  feel the Lord strengthening me every week! I spoke in sacrament again. before my mission it took me hours to plan a 15 minute talk and i had to write it all out! This time, i wrote all of my talk on 1 sticky note and talked for 20 minutes. in Spanish. wow, how crazy is that?! 

All of the investigators are doiung good and i am loving life! Its getting a litter bit hotter every day. i don't mind the heat, but i hate the misquitos! I have 100 misquito bites as of this week. and that's not counting spider bites, ant bites, flee bites and all that :) but, life goes on! Somehow I am still super happy! Love you all and have a good week!  Hermana Manning