When it POURS !! Feb 10, 2014

Taking the bus to Stake Conference with Hermana Bautista

Holy Rain !!

I miss Flo !

People have pet goats instead of dogs !

BUT REALLY! Wow! One minute we were walking in the street about to die because it was like 90 degrees, and as soon as you know it is POURING rain! wow! haha, In the street it was like up to our knees! i loved it! I can't believe that it's Olympics right now! I dont know if its more weird to me that it is WINTER olympics or that Mexico actually has a team. hahaha. 
So this week we taught 3 little kids. Wow. I think they were the most spiritual lessons I have had so far. This little boy who is 9 said his first prayer ever and the spirit was so strong. He was so nervous, and I was bawling... haha.
We have one investigator who has some pretty strange beliefs. We are trying to help her gain a testimony of the Book of Mormon, but it's hard! She had a dream the other night about Joseph Smith, and that he is ugly, fat, and old. haha we tried telling her that he died at a young age, but she's difficult. It's pretty funny :)
We have another investigator, Mary Carmen, who lives with a member, and his son just left on his mission. She is BIEN POTENTE, but its hard as well because the man she is living with was sealed to a different lady and isn't completely seperated from her, and i dont know, its just a hard situation. But she is super interested in the church and i am so excited for her!
We are teaching a lot of part member families and visiting a lot of less active families as well!
There's a family that is living here for a few months from Provo, and they brought an apple from Provo. Its been here for 3 months and looks brand new, but the apples that i bought in the store on our last p day are black. Haha tells you something about our foood in utah :)
We had stake conference this week! It was so great. EVERY SINGLE talk was about how the missionaries need help from the members. Heck yeah! Right after, the family that we ate lunch with said they would help us this week, and gave us like 3 references. President Garcia spoke, and he had everyone raise their hand to say they would sacrifice one hour this week and also they would give the missionaries one name. Also, i saw some families that remembered me from when I played tennis and when I went to Baca. I felt  loved! 
Well, i hope it was a good week! I hope everyone has a good time on Valentines Day. :) LOVE YOU ALL!