Like in the Movies !! 2/23/14

The little boy who always gives me flowers

Relief Society Activity

Looking at the moon at the same time as Dad !

Hello everyone! Thanks for everyone who emails me! It really means a lot to me. I hope everyone had a good week! 
This week my companion and I talked a lot about our cultures. She kept saying Wow, life in Utah is liike in the movies! haha. It cracked me up. But its true, we have SO much! 
SO something funny from this week. We were in the church, and the bishop came up to us and said ¨"So theres a lady in the parking lot that just walked up to me and said she wants to be baptized" we were SO excited and we ran out there! But, she was running away. Turns out that the catholic church across the street was having a meeting about baptism and she got a little lost :)
Betty is doing awesome! 
This week we taught her a lesson and dyed her hair for her. She wanted to dye my hair so bad right there. She said that it's too light and it needs a little life. hahaha I was so nervous! 
We found two AWESOME people this week. They are like the definition of prepared by God. One is named Juan Miguel. He lives alone, so sometimes its tricky to find a way to teach him. But he wants to change his whole life. We invited him to church and he said "you know, I work on Sundays. But I want to switch jobs anyway." haha I hope things work out with him! Another lady is named Mary. In our first lesson she told us that we looked different from the other teenagers in the world and pretty much everything we taught her she took in with an open heart. She didn't have any doubts. When we asked her to be baptized she said Of course! haha wow. They both are super awesome. All of our other investigators are doing really well too! Life is really busy here but it's so awesome.
The hot is starting. For me, it's way hotter than I have ever felt in my whole life. But the members keep saying that this is nothing. Oh boy, wish me luck! haha Hope everyone has a good week. I LOVE YOU!