Hola !! January 27th, 2014

We treated ourselves to burger king !!

Gotta Love  Quotes from President Monson

Bugs someone gave us to eat !!??!

Just another day in paradise !!

We love to teach !!!

Hello all! What a crazy week! I loved it so much! Last Monday was awesome. I went and played tennis with my leaders and wow it was a blast! It was at this super fancy sports club that one of the wealthy members goes to.  There was a tennis instructor at the club who only seaks english and I was so ecited to talk to him that I forgot the rule and gave him a besito! Hahaha my district leader was laughing so hard at me. 
So I was very very humbled on Tuesday. I had exchanges and I went to Baca. It's literally in the rain forrest. I found out that every area is in the rain forrest besides my area. :) It was so humbling. They didn't have showers, and it was soo humid and hot. Scorpions, tarantulas, all of that! My comp for the day was from Bolivia as well. She was asking me about the temple and about my patriarchal blessing, because she doesn't have hers. Man i was humbled. We ate dinner with this family and the little girl was literally staring at me with her mouth open the whole time. Haha it was so cute. I LOVED the people there. They were so humble. I cant wait to go to a place like that. But for now, i like my warm showers :)
We have awesome investigators! Ones name is Enrique and he looks like Elder Holland. He is divorced and has no kids and lives alone and is very sad. But i know the gospel will help him so i am excited! We also have two really young kids. they are both 14. Well, one is less active and one is not a member. But they both are so cool. They are so tender and man I love teaching teenagers! We have another investigaor who accepted a baptismal date, but she doesnt really believe in the Book of Mormon. Its difficult here because EVERYONE is Catholic and KNOWS the Bible verse for verse. But its all good! We have a 18 year old girl who is super interested and she can feel the spirit so strong. But when we were teaching her, when she said she prayed and got an answer, her whole family ran out and were saying You want to be mormon? why! and it made me really frustrated. But Its alright. We will start teaching her family too :) Betty is coming back home tomorrow! I am so excited. She read the WHOLE book of mormon this week!
The food is still weird. This week a sister made us chicken and vegetables. Mmmm it reminded me of moms cooking! After, my companion asked what did you think about that food? it was strange.. hahahahahahahaha!!!
We have an awesome mission leader. He is super charming to all of the old ladies. We take him with us so that when catholic old ladies don't want to let us in he just smiles and they let us in :)

I'm really excited for this upcoming Sunday. We are starting to have musical numbers in sacrament. the first one is me :) There's a family from provo who is here for 5 months and I am going to sing a childrens primary song with their 5 year old daughter! Its going to be so great!
Tonight I have to teach the lesson in our meeting. I dont know why? I'm the newest missionary! Hahaha but its all good. im excited! Its about working with members.
The lessons are so awesome! I am speaking more and more and the spirit is awesome! Most the time all I can really do is testify, but thats okay. :) I can feel my testimony growing every day and its awesome! I want to talk to everyone here and it breaks my heart when they don't want to hear the gospel. But when they do and they want to change it makes me sooooo happy! This church is incredible. I never realized how lucky I was to grow up with this knowledge until now. Hope everyone has a good week! Con amor, Hermana Manning