An American in Mexico !

On the roof, this morning !

A beautiful cathedral in  the City of Merida

We decorated our planners while on the bus....Salt Lake Temple for me !!
Okay.. this week was pretty fun hard crazy and great! This is what its like being blonde-haired, blue-eyed here...
1. People always ask to touch my hair
2.Everyone in this city knows English but is too nervous to speak it. The other day, we were teaching with this member from the city of Pinas, and he asked me why I decided to go on a mission. I tried to explain to him in Spanish and sounded ridiculous, and half way through in English he says "I understand English perfectly if that would be easier for you."
3. Every members brings you a plate STACKED with food. It's really good but its just so much food! And they ALWAYS ask you if you want seconds, and its rude to say no, so its really bitersweet.
4. Our mission leader is only 21. He served with Tanner. His house is also a store, and so during every meeting in his house, he gives me spicy candy to see how i like it, and asks me what the lyrics to Imagine Dragons mean. 
5. All the members ask me if the food is too spicy. The other day this kid was joking trying to get me to eat a hamanero pepper, and i acted like i did and he freaked out! Hahaha it was so funny.
6.When I spoke in church, everyone was smiling at me so big! Haha it made me so happy. They all told me my Spanish is really good! They said Im the 1st missionary who has conjugated the verbs correctly in sacrament. Im the first American sister in this ward, but they have had Elders. They are all soooo kind! I just wish I could talk to them more. But they love me and I love them!
7. I started using a new repelent. It works way better! I forgot to put it on one day this week and I got 15 new bites though. Hahaha. Im nervous, because all the members say there is about 5 times as many misquitos in May. Oh well :)
8. IT IS IMPOSSIBLE TO LOOK GOOD HERE. Its a good thing we dont have a mirror in our apartment because everytime I see myself I almost die! haha my hair, my makeup, everything!
9. I saw a couple spiders that were HUGE. The little kids here arent even phased by it, but it makes me want to cry!

I had a spiritual thought the other night.. We were coming home from a lesson with a family. They are SO poor, and they have dirt floors, and not much of a house, but they were so kind. They were so excited to have us that they bought donuts and made us this delicious Mayan version of hot chocolate. They didnt have a bathroom, and we ended the lesson at like 9:20, so we were SPRINTING home. My companion and I were laughing our heads off and so happy! I have no clue how I can be this happy without the help of God. Some days it is hard, but I can feel my faith growing, and how greatly I am being blessed, and I feel God strengthen me every day! I miss all of you at home, but I cant imagine my life without this! Hope everyone has a good week!