Making Eternal Friendships! Dec 11

Our Thanksgiving Feast !

I found Kinley !

We dress up like the Cheetah Girls !

Hello everyone! Man, the MTC is so awesome! There is this girl in our district who when she is overwhelmed she just says "What is life?" So... we always say Que es Vida? Haha it helps us laugh when we are having a hard time!
I think about everyone so much! I am so glad I brought so many pictures with me. I use them in my lessons with investigators. It really helps me connect with them to show them a picture of my family or a close friend. I love it! It helps me feel the spirit so strong when I am baring my testimony!
We go to main campus on P-days and it is so crazy to see the newbs coming in! Haha it was almost a month ago that that was me! I feel so bad for them. Haha but it's so fun! I am so excited for them! Today on main campus I finally weighed myself.. good news! I weigh the same! So right after I went to the main campus cafeteria and binged... oops :) hahah I'm glad I am on West, because if I was on the main campus I would gain so much weight!
The other week I forgot to tell you. I came back from lunch and Jack had written a note in my planner! I don't know how or where he was or anything, but it was funny! I haven't seen him though.
My district is so awesome! Our district leader refers to us as his family. he was telling an investigator about priesthood blessings, and he said that since we are his family he feels like he is giving us father's blessings. hahaha it was actually really precious. He also says things like "As father of this family, I command that we need to have family home evening every week." Hahaha he's the best! All the hermanas are my best friends too! I feel like I've known them forever.. probably because I have known them before! I can't imagine life without them.
This week is was Hermana Veater's birthday. The elders have this "inheritance" (a bunch of stuff that gets passed down to the next eldest district when the oldest district leaves. it has the most random stuff, like a frozen dead fish, a bunch of ice sculptures, tons of food) The inheritance came with a party box! It had hats and candy and noise makers, and even a birthday cake that says "Happy Birthday Elder Howard" (who knows how old it is...) So we used that for her birthday and had a party! It was the best. If you want to know how our district acts, just go watch Nacho Libre, then you will know. We are the beaaaasssst.
The First Presidency devotional was so good! I LOVED it! It is always so great to hear people pray for the missionaries. You have no clue how much love I have felt. More than I have ever felt my whole life! After the devotional we watched the Stone cutter movie. Dad, I know you love that movie! It made me a little homesick. But I LOVED it!
There's been some trouble with how friendly our zone is! Hahaha, we are just all such great friends! Our president is a little worried about it though.. Our motto is If you don't look once, you're not human, but if you look twice, you're not a missionary! Hahaha. There are just so many great people, you just have to lock your heart and be totally focused on the work though, and not get distracted! God definitely helps me!
So last week I was a little sad, because Elder Ballard was supposed to speak to us but ended up not coming because of the snow. BUT, this week Elder Cook came! It was so cool! We sang THEE most amazing arrangement of The First Noel. I LOVE CHOIR. His talk was amazing. One thing I think we should all hear that he said is... God looks at everyone with spiritual eyes. He doesn't care about our temporal affairs. He doesn't care what we wear, what we have, what our job is. He cares where we are spiritually. If we start worrying about looking at other people with spiritual eyes, we will be able to love them so much more. I loved that. God is so awesome. This week we were also studying the Book of Mormon as a district, and we were talking about how merciful God is. I have realized how hard I am on myself. Our teacher told us... God understands. You're not perfect, no one is perfect. We need to be able to forgive ourselves, because God is so willing to forgive us! It made me feel so great. 
Well, next week we will be the oldest district in our zone! How crazy is that?! It's weird to think it's already been a month. It's honestly been one of the best months ever. The MTC is so great. 
One funny thing that happened this week.. there is an Elder here from Honduras. He came up to me and was like SISTER! Is your hair really that blonde? I saw you in the cafeteria last week and I told my companion... is that real? I have never seen hair like that before. Is there a lot of hair like that in the United States? Hahaha I was dying. He was awesome. I guess he was just preparing me for Mexico. :) I can't wait! LES QUIERRO MUCHO! Have a good week everyone! -Hermana Manning