Off to the MTC !! November 20th 2013

Pre-MTC  IHOP breakfast- It's a tradition !

At the Provo Temple just before dropping her off

Sis Manning says goodbye to Sis Manning !

We received a quick note from Sis. Manning from the first night in the MTC.  Here are a few highlights:

"It has been a crazy first day and we did so much.  My comp is awesome ! She is from Washington.  Total tomboy!  We get along great .  She is very tall and skinny, so she reminds me of Sade ! She studied spanish all through high school and knows a lot.  She wants to only speak Spanish already ! She is a hard worker, its GOOD !  Love her !"
"Today we got to see what it was like to teach investigators!  THAT IS WHAT I'M EXCITED FOR!  They all had Mexican accents and reminded me of Andy..."
   Well, I love you guys, but today has made me so happy, and I hope that makes you happy !'