First Pictures and Email from the MTC ! Nov 27th

Meg's Companion, Hermana Lybbert

The 5 Hermana's in her district
Hermana Vea (bountiful), Hermana Veater (Panguitch)
Hermana Schuetz (Eugene, Oregon) Meg,
and Hermana Lybbert (Moses Lake, WA)

Hermana's Vea and Manning

Guess who we ran into ? Yah, Elder Jones !!!
Nov 27th "Hey everyone !  How's it going?! Man I am loving the MTC !  I can't believe it has already been one week.  My companion is awesome!  Her name is Hermana Lybbert. She is really tall! Haha. She is so sweet.  She is so obedient and she knows the Gospel so well.  She already knows a lot of Spanish, so sometimes I have a hard time not comparing myself to her !  But I know one day I'll be as good as her ! We live in an apartment with a trio of hermanas who are in our district.  It is so much fun. We have 3 bedrooms and 1 shower for all 5 of us!  Hermana Veater came up to me on the first day and was like "I saw your blog before the mission ! It is so cute !" It made me so happy!  They are all going to Mexico City, 3 to Mexico City South and one to Mexico City West. There are two elders in our district with us 5 girls...They are used to it though, because they both only have sisters.  Elder Adair and Elder Winger.  They are both going to Merida with me! They are so awesome.  They offer to give us blessings if we are struggling and they are both so kind. Elder Adair is from Lehi and Elder Winger is from Magna.  We have an awesome zone! The 2 sister training leaders left this week, and they are going to Merida now ! They are the only two hermanas I have met that were called to merida.  My branch presidency is so awesome.  Their wives give us awesome hugs and it makes me miss mom! Our brach president was Carl's mission president in Costa Rica! It was really cool to talk to him about Carl. He is the best. I said the prayer in Spanish in sacrament meeting on Sunday and I was so scared! But I did pretty good...I hope !
The West campus is awesome! Everyone who is on the west campus is going Spanish speaking. So wherever you go, everyone is always trying to speak Spanish. None of the teachers or staff will speak to us in English. It can be frustrating, but it's all good. I see Jonas and Cass everyday.It's so cool! They didn't teach us much Spanish-just how to pray and bear your testimony. And then they stick us with an investigator and expect you to teach them a lesson. It was so embarrassing at first. Our first lesson was a disaster. He asked how old I was, and I thought he was asking how many people were in my family, so I told him I was 6. He laughs at me all the time now.  Lessons got better though. I am learning how to rely more on the spirit and worry about the investigator's needs instead of my Spanish. It is just so hard when you want to tell someone so many things, but you don't know how to say anything! It has defintely been a tough week, but the spirit at the MTC is amazing. One teacher, Hermano Quadra, told us something that really helped me.  He said, is Spanish the language of Heaven? No, if it was everyone would teach in Spanish. The spirit is the language of Heaven. Learn to always have the Spirit with you. His mom is living in Malaga Spain right now, and he is from there.  When I told him I went there this year, he was so jealous. He said"Why didn't you take me? I have a daughter who has never met her granma that would have loved to go with you and meet her!" ...he is so awesome.  He humbled me and really helped me feel the spirit.  There are so many workers here who just really know what to say to make you feel loved.
The biggest blessing of the MTC so far has been the choir!  I joined choir, and it is amazing. Last night we sang Jesus Once of Humble Birth at a devotional, and I honestly bawled the whole time.  I have heard that song so many times, but have never truly listened to the words until now.  WOW. It's the best song ever.  Everyone should go listen to it and really listen to the words. Talk about amazing. We get to sing Hope of Israel tomorrow for the Thanksgiving devotional.  I am so excited! They have told us that a member of the quorum of the 12 will be here! AH ! I get to sing for an apostle! How cool is that?  The choir director told us that in his 11 years being here, there will never have been a better month than this month at the MTC. He told us he isn't allowed to tell us who is coming here though. I am so excited ! 
Well everyone, I miss you all and love you all! I hope all is well at home and everyone has an amzing Thanksgiving.  I am thankful for you all !  Adios! "