Ninos, Ninos, Ninos....April 27th, 2015

Love these primary kids !

Fun activity on missionary work !

We are the only three blonde missionaries !

So this week we had pretty much the most busy week ever! Every single morning we had a 4 hour conference. The conferences were about basic principles that help us teach. They are called the 8 principles. I have been to these conferences about 5 times in the mission, but this time it was my turn to teach them! It was so different, but really fun! My companion and I taught with the zone leaders. It was so weird to have people joking about me leaving soon, it just doesnt feel real to me! I feel like one of those new kids who just got here, the only difference is that I can understand Spanish now!
We also helped the assistants with this huge activity they did. Them, 2 other elders, and 4 of us, the sister training leaders, helped with the activity. It was with about 100 primary kids and it was to help them prepare to be missionaries one day. We did games and had a huge devotional with them! It was really awesome. My companion and I got to give the tour of the offices. They were SO excited. Little kids have the most amazing spirirt. It was actually funny because our President spoke at the end. We are always making fun of him with the other missionaries because he always speaks about marriage, and even though this activity was for the PRIMARY and it was about MISSIONARY WORK, he spoke about marriage! He was saying "marriage really is the most important thing you can do. Its very possible that a bunch of the little boys here will marry a bunch of the little girls that are here." The little 7 year olds look scared to death! Their teachers were like "who is this guy?" and us, the missionaries, we were so embarassed! We thought that normally those things are prohibitted to talk about in the mission!
Hahaha, we really were hardly in our area this week. But it was a good week here as well. Wilmer is doing amazing. He stayed at church on Sunday just talking with all the young single adults. He is just so excited to get baptized this week! We are so excited for him too. He has had to make so many changes! Adrian, Rafael, and the rest of the investigators are doing really well!
Well, this week has just been so amazing. I have felt the spirit in so many ways, and have been so happy! I hope that everyone can feel the love of the Savior this week and search for that feeling through prayers and scripture reading. I love you all!