New week, Same heat.... May 4, 2015

Zone activity !

Yay for Wilmer !

Splits with Hermana Duron from Costa Rica !

I love her !
Well, I seriously am freaking out about how fast time is going! I can't believe that there are only 3 weeks left until I am going to be with my family! Ahhh! I have been so bipolar lately and it has been very bittersweet. I can't even think about leaving these amazing people, but I am so excited to see other amazing people who mean so much to me!
This week was super awesome. Wilmer got baptized! He is so awesome! He was so excited. He had a double baptism because the other sister missionaries in our ward had a baptism too. Wilmer is really excited to have a calling and get the priesthood! He really wants the rest of his family and all of his friends to learn about the church too. He says that in a year he wants to go on a mission so badly. It is so amazing to me how much he has changed. He told us that he felt like a completely different person, but that it wasn't as hard as he thought it would be to change so many things.
We got to do some awesome divisions this week. On Tuesday my companion and I both went to this really hard area to help them out. There are 4 sisters living in one house there. They are all American, and you can tell from the food they had. They had bagel bites and nutella and sugar filled cereal. I felt like I was in heaven when one of the sisters showed me their food when we ate there! hahaha. I also got to go work with a new sister who is from Costa Rica, Hermana Duron. She is so awesome. I always love working with the new missionaries. They are so so humble and amazing. They always amaze me with how much they can do and how smart they are . Plus, it was AWESOME to hear her accent from Costa Rica all day, I LOVED it!
Yesterday we had a stake activity, All of the missionaries from the stake went with the EFY, or as now known as FSY comittee and we invited all the less active youth to sign up to go this year. My companion and I got to go with the President, and we had a really cool experience. We went with 2 teenage boys who haven't gone to church in about 8 or 10 years. We got to the house, and it is just a really torn apart house. They weren't answering, but I told the EFY president that I thought they were sitting across the street where there were 4 boys smoking and drinking on the sidewalk. We went and sat with them, and they were all worried that our clothes and the President's suit was going to get dirty. We explained EFY to them, and they thought it was awesome. It turns out, all 4 of the boys were members and all signed up to go to EFY. While we were there, I realized that those 4 boys were just like any other boys that are in the church, or in school, or in any other place. They liked soccer, and music and were normal. Maybe they had lots of tattoos, and their vocabulary was a little bit more rough, but they are good kids. We realized that just through helping them, we could help generations. I know the family really well, and the kids don't recieve much help from their parents. But if we can help them, we could help many future generations as well. I know that that is exactly what happens when we do good things for other people. Sometimes we don't realize or see the outcome of our actions, but every little thing we do can have a huge impact on another's life. I hope that each of us can put a goal of 2 or 3 things that we can do for someone else this week. I know that we will help someone. I know that we truly are the Lords hands here on Earth and that we can make miracles happen just like he did, so lets do it! I love you all, have an amazing week! And a HUGE shoutout to my brother Scott for his birthday this week, and my mom for being the coolest mom in the whole world!! :)