Some things never change ! May 19th, 2014

Aaron's Baptism !!

Just one of my favorite giant ants !

One of the Sisters at church !

Hi everyone! Wow this week was so awesome! It FLEW by. It was super great with my new companion. She doesn't talk hardly at all when other people are around, but its okay because im learning a lot and she is too :) She studied cooking before the mission so she always cooks really delicious stuff!
Aaron got baptized yesterday and it was so awesome. His dad will be getting baptized here in a while. We are so excited for this family. He got baptized on his birthday and the spirit was so strong! We went to go look at the font during church because he got baptized after church and we filled up the font before church. 
There was a little bug in the water and he said "hermana manning if that bug is in there after church i dont want to get baptized in that water." hahaha it took us forever to figure it out but we got the bug out! But it has been so amazing to see him learn and to teach his whole family. His mom didn't go to church when we first got here, so it's been really cool to see the whole family going!
We got like 10 new investigators this week and they are all doing so awesome. There is this whole family who are so prepared to know the gospel named the Herrera family. Their kids go to a catholic school but this week they told us that they took their books of mormon to school to read. It was pretty funny. 
So today I realized that I have changed in lots of ways. I never ate pizza before the mission. This week I ate pizza of pastor 3 times. We all ate as a zone today and everyone who didn't eat their pizza gave it to me or hermana Carr. haha its pretty sad that everyone knows the americans can eat more :) hahaha. Also, I have grown up a lot! BUT there are lots of things that still haven't changed. The whole zone went into this mall today and I almost died. Everyone was laughing so hard at me!  I still love to shop :) hahaha!
I realized that I have been in this area FOREVER. I can't even walk down a street without knowing someone. I know all the bus drivers and store workers and everything! It is going to be so sad one day when i have to leave here. I can hardly even think about it. 
Well, I'm not sure what else to say! Everyone should write me if you have any questions :) I LOVE this life! It is so awesome! I love you all. have a great week and take care!