Easter Week.....April 21, 2014

We love teaching Carman !

Happy about the cake batter oreos !

Friends and Family are part of my morning studies !

Wow! What a week! Here in Mexico, Easter week is such a big deal! It is super crazy. There are traditions every day to remember Christ. Even though most of them are Catholic traditions, it was reall cool for me to see so many people have an appreciation for the life of Christ. I tried to explain to some people that we have easter egg hunts in The United States, and they all were super confused and thought I was crazy. But i have to say, i missed not having a super violent comp├ętitive egg hunt with the family!
I can't believe that there is going to be an Orange Peel right next to our house in Utah! Ahhh im so excited! 
So bad news... there's a ton of Jehovahs Witnesses missionaries here in Merida. And that's not the bad news... the bad news is that there is a blonde american missionary, so now its even harder to explain to people that we aren't jehovahs witnesses. People always think we are. also, they always think we are baptists, or "bautistas" because my companions last name is bautista, and it says it on her plack. :) hahaha. But yeah, it{s always super awkward when we see the other missionaries.
Here{s a little thought for Easter... Something that touched my heart this week is that the bishops daughter, in her prayers, always says "Heavenly Father, please take care of your son Jesus Christ." I think it is the cutest thing. We should always have a relationship with Christ so that we can pray for Him as well.
We didnt teach a TON this week, because a lot of people are on vacation. But, Carmens kids all told us they were ready to get baptized and they had talked to their dad. We are so excited about it. and Carmen too. Now we just need to talk to her husband! Her sons are so smart, they always ask the most integelent questions! Also, Ross is doing awesome. We started teaching one of his roomates. My companion teaches his roomate in Spanish and I teach him in English. Its pretty fun. His roomate speaks english too but he is more comfortable with spanish. He also is a ballet dancer and very handsome... so its probably better that my companion teaches him. That's probably an awful thing to say, but hey I'm a missionary, I'm still human! But it is actually really fun to compare some of the things in the gospel to ballet, I love it! 
Well, i hope everyone has an awesome week! Our zone leader and an another american sister have birthdays this week, so we are taking a cake to district meeting to celebrate! I'm excited! Love you all!