Conference !! April 7, 2014

The Manning Clan 5 days before Hermana Manning left !

Hermana Manning said in a separate email to me how much she thinks about the importance of the Family !  She loves helping to make families eternal.  She has been fasting for investigators to feel the importance of eternal families ! She even seems to think this crazy Manning family is pretty awesome !?!  We all love and miss her....but couldn't be happier that she is serving and learning !  
Some items from the package to the Manning home !

Hermana Manning loves the 'little ones' !

Wow, what a week! Conference was awesome, I hope everyone loved it! My first conference in Spanish, wow! I realized how lucky we are that we speak the language of the retoration. I LOVED the talk by president Uchtdorf! Wow, i feel like everyone can learn something from that. I also loved that they talked about how everyone should study Preach My Gospel. It truly is amazing, and I agree! I also loved when they talked about charity.
We had an investigator with us in the conference, and she loved it! She told us that she i going to pray, fast, and read her scripture in order to find an answer for if she needs to get baptized!
Also, we are teaching Ross still, in English. It is crazy how different things are in English. It´s like i forgot everything about the culture and how to speak and everything. its so hard to speak English! Also, 5 minutes after I get out of the shower, I am always sweating like crazy! haha gotta love it.
Last night I learned how to make pizza and next week I am making brownies for our mission leader because no one here knows how to! haha. Besides that, I am in love with the little kids here! None of them know how to say my name so they always just say ¨HOLA MISSIONERA! Haha i LOVE it! Sorry I don´t have a lot to say this week, I promise I will write more next week. I LOVE YOU ALL!