6 more weeks in ITZIMNA !! 3/31/14

Yendi's family at her baptism !  Love this family !

Hermana Manning and Hermana Bautista

General Women's Meeting in Merida !

So... Im staying in Itzimna! With my companion too! Wow, I am so excited to have 6 more weeks here!

This last week was so awesome! There´s a guy named Ross who is from Canada and only speaks English that we are teaching. It´s super fun to teach in English like once a week! And the good thing is that we met him and he told us that he has heard all the lessons and he wants to get baptised. Haha it was kind of a shock! 
Also, our mission leader´s mom took us to eat in Costco! Yes, there´s a Costco in my area! And the food is the same! The only thing is when mom and I used to go to Costco we would share ice cream, and this time I couldn´t finish my ice cream! It was sad. But after, she bought us Costco muffins.
I´m pretty sure that the reason that I´m most excited to stay in my area, besides all the members and investigators, is that our house has air conditioning! IT IS SO NICE. It´s super hot here so it´s always nice to have a cool room.
So we had Yendi´s baptism this week! it was so amazing! Her husband baptized her. It was a little different for me because everyone is so casual. Her husband showed up in basketball shorts and the bishop was in jeans and we were the only ones with skirts, but it doesn´t matter! It was still really spiritual and amazing! After the baptism on Saturday we had a big breakfast at Yendi´s house for the ward. We talked to her alone for a little while and she told us that after her husband baptized her he told her that he can´t wait to get married in the temple in a year. It was amazing to me that I could experience a little bit of how this family is becoming eternal! When i saw her and her husband and her baby all in white in made me so happy. They say they want to get married in the Salt Lake temple, but we´ll see!
The rest of our investigators are doing well! I hope that we will have a baptism again pretty soon because it was wonderful!
Right now we are going to go to Walmart to shop! Even though I LOVE that we have a Wal-Mart, they ALWAYS play country music! In English! It is so crazy to me! Every Monday I hear a little Luke Bryan :) I love it and hate it and the same time! 
Hope everyone has a great week! I love you all!